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Hack + Catherine Smith Rehearsal Dinner 

Working with clients to host a plated rehearsal dinner at The Bottling Company is an exceptional experience in crafting unforgettable pre-wedding moments.


Our team collaborated closely with our clients and their vendor team to meticulously curate every detail, ensuring every detail from the room set-up and menu aligned with their vision. The historical charm of The Bottling Company provides a unique backdrop for the elegant plated dinner, where guests can indulge in delectable cuisine served by our experienced team of servers. The goal is to create an intimate and relaxed atmosphere for the soon-to-be-wed couple and their closest friends and family. The combination of thoughtful planning and the venue's distinctive character makes for a truly remarkable rehearsal dinner that sets the tone for the upcoming celebration.

photography by Katie Rogers Freeny

floral design by Jill Windham


A Positive Word

My experience with the Bottling Company was WONDERFUL! There were several times through the process of planning that I almost cried, not because it was bad or stressful, but because it was so easy and perfect. Everyone was so easy to work with, and it made planning my son's rehearsal dinner such a happy and wonderful experience. Kelly was so easy to work with and so professional. It was one of the easiest parties I’ve ever had!


I went into the initial planning with some ideas, and they told me what would work and what wouldn’t. (They were correct!) The entire planning process was a breeze. We met twice before the wedding week, and I knew exactly what they would handle, and I knew what I was responsible for. 


The week of I took place cards, table numbers, etc. to them, and they ultimately told me to release it and they would handle the rest! They absolutely did. I didn’t show back up until Friday for dinner, and everything was absolutely perfect!


The night of the rehearsal Angel was my angel. She was there to answer any question I had, which weren't many because I felt so confident everything was taken care of. 


My overall experience with BOCO was so excellent -- I can’t recommend them enough!

Terre Smith, June 3, 2021

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