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Troy + Ashten Yost Wedding and Reception

how you solved any problems that arose

how your venue rose above to serve the client

How you catered specifically to the client needs how you worked with the family/other vendors, etc.

photography by Caywood Photography


A Positive Word

We couldn’t be happier that we chose The Bottling Company as our wedding venue. There are no “what if” thoughts because Kelly and her team made our wedding day everything we had ever dreamed. We knew we wanted to be married in our college town of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Hattiesburg was our second home for so many years and the numerous amounts of memories there are what we hold so dear to our hearts. Now we have one of our biggest memories in Hattiesburg at a place that made our wedding dreams come true. The Bottling Company has so much rich history that it speaks for itself. With exposed brick and beautiful columns as you enter, it immediately creates a welcoming experience that you will want to call your wedding venue. Kelly and her team envision your wedding daydreams alongside you and they make it happen. We are so delighted to have chosen The Bottling Company as our venue and we believe it’s the best in Hattiesburg.

Ashten Yost, April 24, 2021

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